About Vla Vla

Hi there! My name is Vlatka and I’ve
become a tourist guide for two reasons only. So I could walk through the
streets of my beautiful home town for living, and so I could meet travellers
just like you, get to hear your stories and exchange good energy vibes.

As a backpacker I’ve traveled
worldwide and I only regret not having a  tourist guide by my side!

I truly enjoy
living in Zagreb and would be happy to show you around my hometown. Each year
thousands of travellers come to visit Zagreb and become enchanted by its Middle
European charm. Some say its true magic lies in all the beauty that is
invisible to the eye. So, open up all your senses- feel, breathe in, and listen
to its sounds, since you are sure to find a story in every little detail that
surrounds you.

A story here, a story there, when it
comes to storytellingwe can Vla Vla all
through the day.

Photo J. Duval
Photo J. Duval