Cake & Hike in Samobor

SAMOBOR is one of the baroque jewels of the Northern Croatia. Favourite getaway for the Zagreb city folks that shall take you in at the first sight. Charming 19th century King Tomislav square feels so inviting. You ll just want to stay here for a while. Either to enjoy and soak in the town’s atmosphere of to enjoy some of the town specialties such as the famous custard pie and local drink called bermet The rumor has it that this was Jackie Chan’s favourite morning ritual. Back in the 1986 this famous actor had spent some time here filming the movie The God’s Armour . Would you like to see there it was filmed? No problem at all. Its only 20 minutes hike from the main square up on the ruins of an old Samobor town. Magnificent view is guaranteed!

Samobor city tour includes: transfer from Zagreb. Samobor walking tour + kremšnita cake. Price: 100 euros



Samobor Old Town. Photo, Zagreb County Tourist board

Cake & Hike in Samobor
Samobor half day tour is a perfect choice for those who are willing to trade the city rush for the green slopes of the magical Samobor- Žumberak Nature Park area. Samobor, this charming medieval town in the vicinity of Zagreb will soak you in at the first sight. Colourful baroque and secesion facades and flowered balconies, smell of coffe and custard pie to indulge in.
Charming 19th century King Tomislav square is the place you shall want to stay for hours. Either to enjoy the peaceful and calming town atmosphere or to indulge some of the town specialties such as the famous custard pie kremšnita and aromatic wine called bermet. Samobor folks have a saying, once in Samobor…
Even though the city is so lovely , its is quite difficult to resist wonderful green hills that look so inviting. There are numerous trails around Samobor but our choice today is the one that goes all around the Tepec Hill. Allong the trail there are many historical and cultural monuments and thats something that makes this trail so interesting. Allong the way we shall see the famous St. Anne’s Chapel dedicated to the patron saint of the town. The Legendary Tanc plac was very popular dancing-platform back in the early 20th century. The Stations of the Cross erected to commemorate the 1900th anniversary of salvation by Jesus Christ will bring us to another historical site, the St. George’s Chapel. The legend has it that the chapell has no foundations couse it just appeared misteriously on this spot one day .
The Samobor Old Town is the most exciting site on the trail. Even though abandoned and in ruins it is still quite an impressive structure standing it the most western part of the Tepec Hill. There is definitely something quite mysthical in touching the old stone and imagining the life back in the 13th century. The Samobor Old town was not only it was an important forteress in the Medieval times but it was also a film set for many movies. The 1976 movie hit called The Gods armour opening scene was shot right here. The rumour has it that the starring actor Jackie Chan almost fell of the stone walls while filming the sceene.Dont you worry, we shall stay on the beatten path all the time.

Hike & Cake tour includes: transfer from Zagreb (apx 25 mins drive each way), 1 hour Samobor sightseeing walking tour, 1,5 hours hike up the trails + kremšnita (custard pie).
Trail difficulty level: 2/5
Price: 200 € per tour



Samobor & Botanical garden tour includes: Transfer form Zagreb, Samobor walking tour & kremšnita cake + botanical sightseeing tour with a local guide and expert. Price: 200 euros.

Samobor & horseback riding tour includes: Transfer from Zagreb, Samobor walking tour & kremšnita cake + horseback riding in the nearby horse farm. Price: 200 euros.


Etno farm Mirnovec
Etno farm Mirnovec