The Dragon Lines of Istria

To really get to know Istria is to get to know its inner part, its very heart and
soul. Right here underneath the puffy clouds and deep blue sky, on top of the
green hills and the its stone pinnacles crowned with mysthic medieval stone citadellas,
thats where you ll need to go to
discover its inner beauty.

Thousands of years back, its first settlements were built here in a specific pattern.
Even though it seems like a randomly scattered villages, it all could have actually
been in a perfect universal order. The recent archaeological researches
realised that they were mostly built on the energetic springs that appear o the
surface occasionally. Almost nowhere else in Europe is this net of energy lines
so dense like here in Istria peninsula. Connecting all those places on the map,
you can see they can be connected with almost a perfect line. We call them the
Lay lines, or lines of the Dragon. While prehistoric tribes had benefitted from
these unfailing energy sources, they are almost completely unknown to the
modern society.

Many archaeologist and scientists believe that Motovun, this charming medieval stone town was built on one spot where 3 dragon lines intersect. The tip of its church bell tower apparently points the very spot.

When it comes to Picugi hills the unexpected is to be expected. One of the oldest stone circles in the Mediterranean still stands up on the hilltop. It is believed that the golden calf is one of the treasures  hidden somewhere withn its ruins. Though most of the large flat stones  are gone missing, on the day of solstice and equinox the early morning ray of sun still appears on the same spot for the last 4 thousand years.

Amongst numerous secrets that Istria holds within, the Vodnjan mummies would be the most incredible one. Not only that the story of them being brought here in secrecy is so incredible, but each one of the mummies that belong to real saints and more than 300 other relics have incredible life stories to tell.  Also, there is quite a number of people claiming to have experienced mysterious healings.Thee very southern tip of the peninsula is protected as the nature park. Cape Kamenjak at the dusk is just the perfect place to be.  Another  point where the Dragon lines intersect is the place where history setup its unique display. The footsteps of the dinosaurs, prehistoric stone circle, roman stone walls, Austrian 19th c, fortress all blended into unique experience washed upon the shores of majestic Adriatic sea.  Feel it. Love it. Join us for the experience and adventure.


The Dragon Lines