The Dragon Lines of Istria

To really get to know Istria is to get to know its inner part, its very heart and
soul. Right here underneath the puffy clouds and deep blue sky, on top of the
green hills and the its stone pinnacles crowned with mysthic medieval stone citadellas,
thats where you ll need to go to
discover its inner beauty.

Thousands of years back, its first settlements were built here in a specific pattern.
Even though it seems like a randomly scattered villages, it all could have actually
been in a perfect universal order. The recent archaeological researches
realised that they were mostly built on the energetic springs that appear o the
surface occasionally. Almost nowhere else in Europe is this net of energy lines
so dense like here in Istria peninsula. Connecting all those places on the map,
you can see they can be connected with almost a perfect line. We call them the
Lay lines, or lines of the Dragon. While prehistoric tribes had benefitted from
these unfailing energy sources, they are almost completely unknown to the
modern society.

Many archaeologist and scientists believe that Motovun, this charming medieval stone town was built on one spot where 3 dragon lines intersect. The tip of its church bell tower apparently points the very spot.

When it comes to Picugi hills the unexpected is to be expected. One of the oldest stone circles in the Mediterranean still stands up on the hilltop. It is believed that the golden calf is one of the treasures  hidden somewhere withn its ruins. Though most of the large flat stones  are gone missing, on the day of solstice and equinox the early morning ray of sun still appears on the same spot for the last four thousand years.


Amongst numerous secrets that Istria holds within, the Vodnjan mummies would be the most incredible one. Not only that the story of them being brought here in secrecy is so incredible, but each one of the mummies that belong to real saints and more than 300 other relics have incredible life stories to tell.  Also, there is quite a number of people claiming to have experienced mysterious healings.Thee very southern tip of the peninsula is protected as the nature park. Cape Kamenjak at the dusk is just the perfect place to be.  Another  point where the Dragon lines intersect is the place where history setup its unique display. The footsteps of the dinosaurs, prehistoric stone circle, roman stone walls, Austrian 19th c, fortress all blended into unique experience washed upon the shores of majestic Adriatic sea.  Feel it. Love it. Join us for the experience and adventure.


The Dragon Tour of Istria- 3 Day tour

It is a real privilege to live on a wonderful and unique planet such as the planet Earth. Every single corner of it is a different story to be told and that’s just the beauty of it. But different parts of the Earth are not only different in geographical or geomorphological way. Way back in time people realized that some particular parts on Earth would have certain invisible powers, in a way they would act like energetic sources. Quite often those spots were marked by the monumental structures of which some are still visible today like the famous landmarks of Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Tor, Sedona, and Machu Picchu etc. Nobody really knows why, when or who built those mystical stone circles marking the energetic “hot spots” but the thing is they could be easily found all over Istria. Most of these sacred sites were linked to the very secrets of life on Earth and were believed to bring the spiritual balance to the people and nature. Fine imaginary straight lines that connect all of them in a special order are called the ley lines or the lines of the dragon. While the prehistoric men used to benefit from these energetic sources, today they are mostly forgotten.
The Dragon Lines Tour is created for the travellers who are willing to get slightly off the beaten path. To experience both natural and spiritual beauty of historical sites of Istria and try to reconnect with the Mother nature. Travel to get inspired. Visit Istria.
The programme of the 3 day tour

Day one
Zagreb- Roč- Hum- Kotli- Motovun
Departing from Zagreb, 2 hours drive
(departure point is optional).
After quite a scenic ride which combines both planes, forested mountains and costal area we shall reach Istria. Our itinerary today takes us to some of the most charming medieval towns in Croatia. The old stone town Roč is where we start this Istrian journey. Following our first ley line we’ll end up following the Glagilitic Alley, a memorial composed of a string of eleven outdoor monuments erected to honour the historical Croatian script is going to be our link to another old stone town. Hum is not only another stone town built on the energetic spring but it is also the smallest town in the world with merely 13 inhabitants!
While in the heart of the wine region, we should definitely visit the local winery that boasts to have the best istrian wine. A glass of istrian Malvasia ,white or Teran ,red, a bowl of pasta with troufles and a magnificent view. Did I already mention they call Istria “a little Toscani” ?
After visiting two medieval urban locations, its time to relax in the deep nature,along the water and the sound of waterfalls. Kotli is the real dreamplace Mirna river flows through the village forming waterfalls and hollowing cauldron-like forms in stone that gave the village its name (Croatian kotao=cauldron).
Motovun is another stone citadel and our final destination for the day. Built by the giants, according to the legend, Motovun is the true “hot spot” laying on the intersection of three ley lines.
Overnight in Motovun. Apartment *** br />

Day two
This day shall have an early start cause we are heading towards the Little Angel hill in the vicinity of an antient coastal town Poreč. the site that’s most beautiful in the early morning. On the hilltop there lays a stone circe, which is a monolithic monument built by the unknown civilisation 4000 years ago. Its secrets will be revealed to us by the local guide, an expert in this field. All I can say is, be open to the impossible to happen. Just a bit more of hiking will bring us to Picugi hill area. Another neolithic special stone circle with more incredible stories to tell.
We shall need a bit of reality check after this energetic experience and there’s no better place to do it but in Poreč, a lovely historical town on the coast known for its 6th c. Byzantine Basilica complex.
Travelling further down south our next destination is Rovinj. Ideal place for the afternoon walk thorough its narrow stone streets that all lead to the church of St Euphemia and its bell tower with the majestic view.
Overnight in Vodnjan

Day three
Another early morning start for the day with so many excitements. Before we go and see the mysthical mummies (Yeah, the Mummies!), we’ll just stop by at one of Istria’s most sacred sites, the Church of St Foska. You’ll hear the incredible story of St Foska and many more.
Vodnjan’s parish church of St. Blaize and the world wide famous mummies collection is our next destination. Now, I know it sounds a bit unbelievable, but really, in a little place called Vodnjan in the middle of Peninsula of Istria there lies a hidden treasure. Back in the 19th century hundreds of rellicks and mummies of the saints have been brought here in the secrecy all the way from Venice. Saints such as St. Barbara (the foot), St. Leon Bembo and St Nicolosa Bursa. According to the legend their bodies are believed to have magical powers. Remains and body parts of saints And 370 relics that belonged to 250 different saints have been preserved in the most mysterious way.
Beautiful ancient town of Pula crowned by one of the most beautiful roman amphitheatres ever built is our next destination.
The rest of the day we shall spend in the most beautiful nature park on the southern tip of Istria- Cape Kamenjak, where we shall enjoy its unusual landscape, miles of rugged coastline and beaches.
Departure to Zagreb in the late afternoon hours.
This is also our final day..or maybe a new beginning.
Stories go on, life is merely a book, those who don’t travel, stay on the page 1.
By this time you will see things differently.
Ready to experience Croatia in its full magic and beauty? You shall be more then welcome! Its a promise!

Day one
Glagolitic Alley
Hum- wine tour Aura ili
Buzet- wine tour Aura
Overnight in Motovun

Day two
Mordeli, Picuga, Little Anđel Hill
Owernight in Pula

Day three
Pula sightseeing tour
Rt Kamenjak
Returning to Zagreb

Tour price includes –
• Collection from & return to the arranged pick up point
• All land transportation
• Accommodation in three and four star hotels/ apartments
• ALL breakfasts
• All admission charges to sacred sites
• Guided tour of Pula and Little Angel hills (Moredele and Picugi)
• All rooms have ensuite bathroom facilities and tour prices are based on sharing a twin/double room. A limited number of single rooms are available for which there will be a single supplement charge as specifed on the Prices & Booking page.

The Dragon Lines